Toppik Hair Fibres are amazing for your hair and for hiding signs of thinning hair is all well and good; however, have you ever wanted to know more. Things such as; what are Toppik Hair Fibres made from, how do they work or information on Toppik products.

We understand and in fairness that is perfectly normal, therefore we have put together some information to be able to allow you to be able to get the facts behind Toppik Hair Fibres.

What Are Toppik Hair Fibres and How Do They Work?

Toppik Hair Fibres is a natural compound that is primarily comprised of keratin, wool, and organic colorings. There are nine available shades in the Toppik range, thus allowing you to be able to find the right shade and tone for yourself with ease.

The Toppik Hair Fibres themselves are primarily a wool-based material which has been charged with static and bonded with keratin proteins for an added enhancement.

This static charge is the driving force for the fibers and is what allows your hair to be able to bond with the Toppik Hair Fibres easily through using the Toppik Fibres static to be able to be attracted to your hair.

Once it has been drawn in with a static attraction, the keratin protein will then bond with the hair and create a strong hold on the hair strand its self. This hold is so strong in fact that the hair will be able to hold the fibers through perspiration, rain, and even extreme winds so that you are completely insured when you apply your Toppik Hair Fibres.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Toppik Hair Fibres?

Toppik Fibres have three primary uses and each goal is successfully reached by Toppik Fibres; Firstly, Toppik Hair Fibres can be used to be able to add a richer and a deeper color to your hair. The Toppik Pakistan wide color range means that if you wanted to add a little color but keep your hair looking natural and not dyed, then Toppik Hair Fibres would be the best possible option for filling color naturally.

Secondly, the Toppik Fibres can be used to be able to add significant amounts of volume to your hair; this allows you the benefit of having hair with more life and depth when you leave the house giving you a more youthful nature.

Thirdly and finally, the Toppik Hair Fibres give the benefit of allowing you to be able to cover over areas of extremely thinning hair to hide the signs of balding; this allows you to be able to give the impression of healthy hair even when your hair is significantly balding or thinning for health reasons or otherwise.

How Versatile Are Toppik Hair Fibres?

Toppik Fibres carry a very versatile set of characteristics and will remain within your hair in a large number of situations and scenarios. Toppik Hair Fibres work in your hair through rain, perspiration, and wind which means that even in extreme conditions they will remain in your hair.

They also remain on your head if you are wearing a head accessory (apply the accessory after the fibers) or if you were to wear hair products on your head, however for the best results we would have to advise using the Toppik Fibrehold Spray to be able to give your hair max hold with the Toppik Fibres in place.

If Toppik Fibres interest you then take a look at our entire range of Toppik Hair Building Fibres to see which works best for you. Toppik Hair Fibres comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to be able to give you a wide range of options; however, the larger the size of the container you purchase the more money you will save in the longer term.