Recent popularity

With our hair building fibers being heavily featured on the likes of Lad Bible, Uni Lad and Viral Thread within the last month, we thought it was time to refresh you on why Toppik’s products have been called the cure the baldness.

Why use hair building fibers?

The Toppik hair building fibers is a revolutionary product sculpted from organic Keratin proteins that can give you the appearance of thick, full hair. It’s the instant solution to thinning or balding hair for both men and women and will enable you to feel more confident and comfortable during your day-to-day routine.

Toppik hair building fibers isn’t a spray, cream or cover-up but are made of the same organic proteins (Keratin) as your own hair. Toppik Hair Building Fibres naturally intertwine with your own hair through a natural static charge to create a bond with the hair strand and give the appearance of thicker hair. This bond keeps the Toppik Hair Fibres in place throughout the day, even through rain, wind, and perspiration.

This particular container will last you approximately between 120-150 days.

Toppik Hair Building Fibres covers thinning or very thin patches of hair. Toppik Hair Building Fibres are not suitable for completely hair free or bald areas. We would suggest Toppik Coloured Hair Thickener for scalp show-through and bald spots.

Directions to apply

  1. Dry and style hair as usual.
  2. Shake or spray (with Toppik Spray Applicator) Hair Fibres into thinning areas.
  3. If applying Hair Fibres near the hairline, use Toppik Hairline Optimiser to achieve a natural-looking front hairline.
  4. Gently pat hair to disperse Hair Fibres.
  5. If desired, lightly comb, brush, or style your hair after applying Hair Fibres.
  6. For best results, use Toppik Fibrehold Spray to finish for longer-lasting results.
  7. Simply shake Toppik Hair Building Fibres over your thinning areas and you’ll be amazed how Toppik transforms any thin hairs to suddenly look thick and full. Toppik Hair Building Fibres are undetectable and don’t run, smear or stain. They will stay in place until you next shampoo your hair.


Toppik gives the instant appearance of a thick, full head of hair. Toppik Hair Building Fibres are made from natural Keratin of the highest grade, the same type of protein found in real hair.

The Fibres have a strong natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect, tightly binding Toppik Hair Building Fibres to even the finest strands of human hair. The results have changed the lives of millions of women and men from those struggling with fine or thinning hair to those with Alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy.


If you have any questions you can view our FAQ section here